Pensotti DOUBLE Steel Panel Radiators Packages

Pensotti DOUBLE Steel Panel Radiators Packages
Pensotti Distinctive Designer Steel Panel Radiators combine the comfort of radiant heat with an elegant contemporary design. Steel panel radiators are an efficient form of heating that requires a fraction of the wall space of traditional baseboard. Pensotti Steel Panel radiators are ventil style, this means that both the supply and returns are on the bottom of the radiator which allows for reversible mounting. Panel radiators not only supply a room with convective heat they also are a great source of radiant heat, which allows for greater BTU output at lower temperatures.

● Can be used as primary heat or in conjunction with traditional hot water heat sources
● Simple and easy upgrade to your system
● More wall space for furniture placement
● Scratch, Dent and Corrosion Resistant
● 10 Year Warranty
● Packages include all necessary items for installation

Need help sizing your Pensotti Panel Radiators? Download the Pensotti Panel Radiator Selector App.
Just search for PENSOTTI on the Google Play or APP Store.
Or, visit the desktop version.

Discounts available on volume orders of Pensotti Radiators. Contact us for more information.

Radiator Dimensions are Height X Length
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