Pensotti DK2-7 Chimney Vent Packages

Pensotti DK2-7 Chimney Vent Packages

Item# HTHDK2-7
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DK2-7 with choice of Oil or Gas Burner
Jacket & Trim Kit

Model: DK2-7
AFUE Oil: 87%
AFUE Gas: 85%
Venting: Chimney or Power Venting
Water Content gal: 10.8
Weight lbs: 639
BTU/H Input Oil: 224,000
Net BTU/H Output Oil: 171,000
BTU/H Input Gas: 224,000
Net BTU/H Output Gas: 167,000

*Trim Kit Includes: Hydrolevel 3 Function Control, Tridicator, Relief Valve and DK2 Manual.
NOTICE: Installation of this item must be performed by a professional who is aware of your local codes and ordinances.

Product Literature:
Pensotti DK2 Literature
Pensotti DK2 Installation Manual
Pensotti DK2 Casing Instructions
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