Pensotti PCH-18/B - 80K BTU Gas Condensing Wall Hung Boiler w/ Vent Kit

Pensotti PCH-18/B - 80K BTU Gas Condensing Wall Hung Boiler w/ Vent Kit

Item# PCH18B-HK
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Pensotti PCH18B-HK CONDENSING Wall Hung Gas Boiler.
Includes a Vent Kit & Fernox Water Treatment


Model: PCH18B-HK
Description: Heat only boiler with provision for the direct connection of an indirect water heater.
AFUE: 91%
Fuel: Natural Gas or Propane (field convertible, no kit required)
Max BTU/H input:61,419
Min BTU/H: input:16,037
Working Temperature: 85 - 185 F
Max BTU/H input DHW production:80,185
Min BTU/H input DHW production:16,037
DHW Indirect Tank Temperature: 95 - 167 F
Weight: 80 lbs
Height: 28.7"
Width: 16.1"
Depth: 11.2"
Gas Connection: 3/4" NPT
Indirect Water Heater Connections: 3/4" sweat (refer to indirect water heater manual for proper pipe sizing)
Heating Supply & Return Connections: 3/4" sweat (must increase to at least 1").
Piping: Primary / Secondary piping strategy is necessary. Please see the installation manual for more information.

Review our Vent Kit Selection Guide for help choosing the appropriate vent kit.
Option 1 - PAHVK1 - Horizontal 3"/5" Concentric Vent Kit
Option 2 - PAVVK2 - Vertical 3"/5" Concentric Vent Kit
Option 2 - PATVK3 - Twin Pipe 80mm (3") Polypropylene Vent Kit
ALL exhaust vent material must be specifically approved (UL 1738 listed) for conveyance of flue gases. PVC or non-listed CPVC are NOT acceptable.

NOTICE: Installation of this item must be performed by a professional who is aware of your local codes and ordinances.

Product Documents:
Vent Kit Selection Guide
Installation Manual
Technical Training
PCH Boiler Piping
Annual Service Checklist
Annual Service Procedure
Troubleshooting Guide
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