Pensotti PCH-34/B - 116K BTU Gas Condensing Wall Hung Boiler w/ Vent Kit

Pensotti PCH-34/B - 116K BTU Gas Condensing Wall Hung Boiler w/ Vent Kit

Item# PCH34B-HK

Pensotti PCH34B-HK CONDENSING Wall Hung Gas Boiler.
Includes a standard Vent Kit

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Model: PCH34B-HK
Description: Heat only boiler with provision for the direct connection of an indirect water heater.
AFUE: 91%
Fuel: Natural Gas or Propane (field convertible, no kit required)
Max BTU/H input:116,013
Min BTU/H: input:34,121
Working Temperature: 85 - 185 F
DHW Indirect Tank Temperature: 95 - 167 F
Weight: 88 lbs
Height: 28.7"
Width: 16.1"
Depth: 12.2"
Gas Connection: 3/4" NPT
Indirect Water Heater Connections: 3/4" sweat (refer to indirect water heater manual for proper pipe sizing)
Heating Supply & Return Connections: 3/4" sweat (must increase to at least 1 1/4").
Piping: Primary / Secondary piping strategy is necessary. Please see the installation manual for more information.

ALL exhaust vent material must be specifically approved (UL 1738 listed) for conveyance of flue gases. PVC or non-listed CPVC are NOT acceptable.

NOTICE: Installation of this item must be performed by a professional who is aware of your local codes and ordinances.

Product Documents:
Vent Kit Selection Guide
Installation Manual
Technical Training
PCH Boiler Piping
Annual Service Checklist
Annual Service Procedure
Troubleshooting Guide
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