Pensotti Quatech Oil Boiler

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DK2 With Riello Burner
Introduced into the United States in the early 1970's, Pensotti Boilers, with its high efficiency and low emissions operation revolutionized the heating industry in the Northeast.
Constructed using high quality cast iron, Pensotti's compact size, triple pass design and low water content put it in a class all by itself.
Today, over 30 years later, Pensotti North America, a locally owned and operated company in central Maine, continues to provide these high quality, high efficiency boilers at competitive prices.
The Quatech Series, Pensotti's newest boiler line, is designed with efficiency and flexibility of use in mind. With high AFUE efficiencies from 88.2 to 88.6%; these boilers are available as oil and gas, both natural and propane. Burner options are numerous, Pensotti has partnered with top manufacturers such as; Riello, Beckett and Heatwise.
Venting is also easy. The Pensotti Quatech series can be chimney vented, direct vented or connected to one of the many power vents available today.

● Superior GG 20 Cast Iron
● Energy Star Rated
● Net Outputs from 74K-193K
● Oil and Gas Applications
● Chimney or Direct Vent
● Limited Lifetime Warranty
● Includes Hydrolevel 3 Function Control with built in Low Water Cut Off and Boiler Reset.

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